Trust & Cyber Security Services

ADACOM operates as a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QSTP) and a provider of integrated Cybersecurity solutions and services with a presence in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

ADACOM has a large team of highly qualified executives, who have designed and implemented complex, large-scale trust and Cybersecurity service projects for financial institutions, telecom operators, government and large-size organisations, contributing to the security of their digital transformation. More than 200 organisations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa place their trust in ADACOM to protect and safeguard their data, keeping their business secure.

For more than 20 years, we have ensured the smooth and safe operation of our customers’ organisations, helping them to safely digitise their business procedures. Utilising the international technical know-how at our disposal and our long-standing experience, we are able to ensure the effective management of internal and external cyberthreats and significant challenges related to the data security of organisations.

ADACOM also provides Managed Security Services through its 24/7 Security Operation Centre, with its interdisciplinary support team, consisting of qualified analysts and security consultants, with broad academic qualifications and professional certification.

ADACOM has been certified under ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 27001: 2013, ISO 22301: 2019, eIDAS, EU & NATO Secret for the quality and security of the services and solutions it provides, and operates two PKI Certification Centres.

With state-of-the-art technology, high-quality services and strong technical knowledge-based solutions, ADACOM pursues its vision to maximise cybersecurity awareness and protect its customers and partners from advanced data security threats.

Extended Managed Information Security Services

NETBULL since its foundation has mainly been active in the provision of services, products and information security solutions to enterprises and organizations.

The company, in anticipation of developments in the field of protecting and preserving of the authenticity of corporate data, but also maintaining a responsible and respected corporate profile, has developed a security architecture called netbull 3D Security Architecture (nSA), which holistically meets the information security requirements of an organization.

It has an extensive portfolio of managed services, cutting-edge security software and technologies, as well as certified security experts for business protection.

Our services include 24×7 monitoring, security incident management and response to advanced threats and risks, while supporting compliance requirements. The services are provided even for multi-cloud hybrid environments and assist organizations in managing their compliance with complex regulatory requirements.

All Managed Security Services are provided by the team of Netbull SOC (nSOC), a privately owned Security Operations Center, at the heart of which is a threat management platform called Netbull eASIS, an award-winning platform based on Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution. The platform includes advanced features such as user behavior analytics (UBA), network flow information and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for faster detection and response to security incidents.


  • Holistic approach and coverage of security areas for prediction, prevention, detection and response of an organization’s security incidents
  • Partnerships and cooperation with industry-leading technology vendors
  • Proven Experience, in design and delivery solutions & advanced security services
  • Vendor agnostic offering and integration, by using best-of-breed technologies