Ιnvest in market leaders

IDEAL Holdings S.A. was formed under its current structure in 2021 and it is the only company listed on the Athens Stock Exchange that invests with the philosophy of a private equity.  It provides the only option for investments of this nature, without the time constraints of a participation in alternative investments.

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Investor Relations

The Investor Relations department's primary function is to facilitate two-way communication between Management and the Investment Community, the Supervisory Authorities and other interested parties.

Adacom Logo RGB Red Transparent Tag

ADACOM has been ensuring the smooth and safe operation of its customers’ organizations for over 20 years, helping to secure the digital transformation of their business processes and procedures.


Astir Vitogiannis Bros S.A. is a leading crown corks manufacturing company with over 60 years of experience.

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Byte was founded in 1983 and today is one of the biggest companies providing comprehensive IT and communications solutions in Greece.

Ideal Electronics

IDEAL Electronics is one of the largest and most experienced technology and home appliances distribution providers in Greece for more than 3 decades

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For two decades, i-DOCS has been designing and developing specialized CCM (Customer Communications Management) Software Products, offering added value services to Financial Institutions, Energy Providers, Insurance Companies and industries of every kind.


Sustainable Investing

Our investment philosophy revolves around socially responsible and sustainable investments.

With sustainable investments we aim to create long-term financial returns, while we contribute positively to the environment and society.

This is why we invest in sustainable companies.

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