05. 09. 2022 | i-DOCS, News

i-DOCS: Increased Turnover, Human Resources Enhancement and ClientEle Expansion in 2021

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2021 left significant achievements in the software development activity of IDEAL Holdings, i-DOCS, since the year ended with an increase in turnover of 20% with a simultaneous increase in profitability. Last year, 53 projects were completed, in large customers in the field of Banking, Telecommunications as well as in the field of energy. It is worth noting that almost half of i-DOCS customers are included in a list of the TOP 100 Greek companies according to Forbes, while all of the company's customers are active in 7 countries of Southeastern and Western Europe, including Greece and Cyprus. At the same time, there was an expansion of the company's customer base by more than 12%.

Similar was the increase in the company's potential, which almost doubled, on the one hand due to the increased needs in the projects that were implemented and continue to be implemented, on the other hand, due to the investments made in the development of new products and in the strengthening of the extroversion of the Organization. i-DOCS solutions are available both for on-premise installation and in the Cloud as SaaS (Software-as-a-a-Service) which significantly helps to achieve the Strategic goals of the Organization. It is important to mention that already 20% of the installed i-DOCS base is provided as SaaS, a percentage that is growing at a remarkable rate.

i-DOCS is the leading provider of specialized solutions and services in the Customer Communications Management market (or otherwise Output Management), with a wide portfolio of solutions, always in the direction of Digital Transformation. i-DOCS develops products and offers services that handle large volumes of sensitive data, automate business processes, provide multi-channel communications, serve, store and archive data and documents. The most important advantage of i-DOCS' solutions over the competition, is that althoughit has a wide range of products with many capabilities that are constantly enriched with new functionalities, the company's design and development teams are able to implement and integrate any custom change requested by each customer, in order to match 100% his own business needs.

The trust of our customers, who have been using i-DOCS for almost 2 decades, confirm both the quality of the solutions and the services offered by our company. maintaining our preferential pricing policy, but also with the introduction of new solutions that will aim at the optimal service of the final consumer", said Mr. Konstantinos Pretenteris, General Manager of i-DOCS.

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