A strong Greek holdings company

IDEAL Holdings S.A. was formed under its current structure in 2021 and it is the only company listed on the Athens Stock Exchange that invests with the philosophy of a private equity.  It provides the only option for investments of this nature, without the time constraints of a participation in alternative investments.

The Company does not specialize in specific sectors but looks to invest in healthy companies with strong financials, management teams with a strong track record and visible path to exit. IDEAL Holdings invests through majority positions and majority in board seat.

The investment team approach

Portfolio Participation

IDEAL Holdings' investment team:

  1. Creates a diversified portfolio with balanced risk
  2. Takes a disciplined approach to financial leverage
  3. Seeks to maximize investment returns by always calculating perceived risk
  4. Aligns interests between shareholders and management team
  5. Implements corporate governance rules

Investment Choices

In the context of its investment philosophy and strategy, IDEAL Holdings participates in companies with:

  1. Strong financials and ability to generate capital gains
  2. Growth prospects, either through organic growth or through M&As
  3. Business plan that creates value
  4. Experienced, competent and efficient Management team
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