Investment Philosophy & Strategy

Disciplined entrepreneurial approach

Our success is built on our investment philosophy. It is the set of beliefs and principles that we use to make our investment decisions and develop our strategy. At the same time, it is the set of values on which we base our activities. We believe that value prevails and research wins.

We follow a disciplined entrepreneurial approach, evaluate opportunities and invest in:

  • market leaders with sustainable dominant position
  • companies with healthy balance sheet and strong cash flows
  • growth companies
  • successful management teams with proven track record

Investment Choices

As a result, we pursue a more comprehensive and data-driven strategic approach, when considering an investment. We assume moderate risk with mid to long term investment horizon and seek an internal rate of return (IRR) greater than 20%. Finally, we actively pursue exit opportunities to crystalize shareholder value.

Additionally, our decision is based on the financial performance compared with ESG activities and/or the relative performance or dynamics between ESG scores and financial performance. The evaluation of ESG scores contributes to build a holistic picture of the investment by assisting us in identifying significant dangers or growth prospects. Overall, we are looking for a socially responsible and long-term investment.

Koinonika Ypefthines Ependyseis

Organic growth strategies

When we invest in a company, we do not engage in day-to-day management, but instead we offer strategic advice and take initiatives to create value. We introduce corporate governance and best practices, increase operational efficiency and provide financial expertise. We also reward those who bring results and thereby align stakeholders’ interests.

We prefer to pursue organic growth strategies and participate in mergers and acquisitions initiatives only when the synergies are evident, quantifiable and can be applied realistically to our investment horizon.

All of our investments are the result of our own endeavors as well as of our extensive business and financial network.

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