06. 20. 2023 | Investors' News, News

Announcement for share capital return

IDEAL HOLDINGS S.A informs the investors that, its Annual General Meeting, which took place on Tuesday 30.05.2023, approved the increase of the share capital through the capitalization of a part of the Additional Paid-in capital, in the amount of € 7,625,634.99 with an increase in the nominal value of the share by 0.19, i.e. from € 0.40 to € 0.59 and simultaneously the reduction of the share capital by the amount of € 7,625,634.99 with a reduction of the nominal value by € 0.19 i.e. from € 0.59 to € 0.40 as a result, there will be a capital return by paying cash to the shareholders in the amount of € 0.12 per share.

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