12. 01. 2022 | Investors' News, Announcements

Announcement for increase and decrease of Share capital return

… December 2022 - IDEAL HOLDINGS S.A informs the investors that, it’s Extraordinary Shareholders’ General Meeting, which took place on Monday 14.11.2022, approved the increase of the share capital though the capitalization of a part of the Additional Paid-in capital, in the amount of €4,816,190.52 with an increase in the nominal value of the share by 0.12, i.e. from €0.40 to €0.52 and simultaneously the reduction of the share capital by the amount of €4,816,190.52 with a reduction of the nominal value by €0.12 i.e. from €0.52 to €0.40 as a result, there will be a capital return by paying cash to the shareholders in the amount of € 0.12 per share.

Thus, the share capital of the Company currently amounts to € 16,053,968.40 and is divided into 40,134,921 shares of a nominal value of 0.40 of each share. 

On 23.11.2022, the decision 2799855/23.11.2022 of the Ministry of Development and Investments was registered at the General Electronic Commercial Registry (GEMI), which approved the amendment of the relevant article on the share capital of the Company’s Articles of Association.

The Corporate Transactions Committee of the Athens Stock Exchange was informed about the abovementioned changes in the share capital of the Company on December 1, 2022. 

Following the above, on Monday, December 5, 2022, the shares of the company will be traded on the ATHEX with a nominal value of €0.40 and without the right to participate in the return of capital by paying cash to the shareholders in the amount of €0.12 per share.

From the same date, the starting price of the Company's shares on the Athens Stock Exchange will be adjusted in accordance with the Regulations of the Athens Stock Exchange, in combination with no. 26 decision of the Board of Directors of the Athens Stock Exchange as in force.

Beneficiaries to receive the capital return, based on the rule of identification of beneficiaries (record date) are those shareholders registered in the files of the Dematerialized Securities System (DSS) on Tuesday, December 6, 2022 (ex-date on December 5, 2022, before the start of the Athens Stock Exchange meeting).

As the starting date for the payment date of the capital return is set on Monday, December 12, 2022, by Piraeus Bank, as follows: 

  1. Through the Participants of the beneficiaries in the SAT (Banks and Stock Exchanges), in accordance with the applicable Regulations of the ATHEXCSD and its relevant decisions.
  2. Especially in cases of dividend payment to heirs of deceased beneficiaries whose titles are kept in the Special Account of their Share in the DSS, under the management of ATHEXCSD, the dividend payment process will be carried out by Piraeus Bank after the completion of the legalization of heirs.

For further information, shareholders can contact the Investor Relations Department of the Company (tel. +30 210 5193 900, email:

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