11. 07. 2022 | Investors' News, Announcements

Announcement of the completion of exercising the redemption right

IDEAL HOLDINGS S.A. (the “Company”) following the announcement of 13.10.2022, informs the investors that on 04.11.2022 the process of exercising the redemption right of the shares of the remaining shareholders of the company “BYTE COMPUTER S.A.” (the “BYTE”) has been completed, following the approval of the Board of Directors of the HCMC, numbered 17/967/11.10.2022.

Through this process, the Company acquired 422,758 common, registered, voting shares of the company BYTE, with a consideration equal to the Offered Consideration of the Voluntary Tender Offer or, at the option of the recipient, equal to the Cash Consideration, as these concepts are specified in the Information Bulletin of the Company issued since 04.08.2022.

Accordingly, IDEAL HOLDINGS S.A. currently owns   100% of the shares and voting rights of the company "BYTE COMPUTER S.A.".

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