09. 29. 2022 | Investors' News, Announcements

Announcement pursuant to Law 3556/2007

IDEAL HOLDINGS S.A. (the "Company") announces in accordance with the provisions of articles 9, 10, 14 and 21 of Law 3556/2007, that consequently to the issuance of 5,864,662 new, common, nominal, voting shares of the Company on 26.09.2022, which resulted from the increase of its share capital by contribution in kind, that took place in the context of the Voluntary Tender Offer of the Company addressed to the shareholders of the company "BYTE COMPUTER S.A." and following Company’s announcement pursuant to paragraph 5 of article 9 of Law 3556/2007 on 26.09.2022, regarding the amount of the share capital and the total number of shares and voting rights, the Company received the following notification:

The RACKHAM TRUST COMPANY S.A. in its capacity as trustee of the trust FOLLOE TRUST which indirectly controls the company OLYMPIA GROUP SINGLE MEMBER S.A. notified the Company on behalf of itself and the company OLYMPIA GROUP SINGLE MEMBER S.A that as a consequent to the abovementioned corporate act, their percentage of the total shares and voting rights of the Company has fallen below 5%.

The company OLYMPIA GROUP SINGLE MEMBER S.A. is indirectly controlled by RACKHAM TRUST COMPANY S.A. through the following chain of companies, FOLLOE AIF VCIC LIMITED and OLYMPIA GROUP LTD.

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