10. 03. 2022 | Investors' News, Announcements

Announcement for the liquidation of securities in case of fractional balance

“IDEAL HOLDINGS A.E." (hereinafter, the "Company"), announces in accordance with article 17 par. 1 of Regulation (EU) 596/2014, that, following the successful outcome of the Voluntary Tender Offer from 01/07/2022 (hereinafter, the "VTO") for the acquisition of 100% of the issued shares of the company "BYTE SA". (hereinafter, the "BYTE"), proceeded today, 03.10.2022, to the submission of a written request to the Hellenic Capital Market Commission (hereinafter, the "HCMC"), in accordance with the specific provisions of article 27 of Law 3461/2006 and the decision no. 1/644/22.4.2013 of the Board of Directors of HCMC, for the acquisition of the shares of the remaining shareholders, who did not accept the VTO, i.e. 531,785 shares representing approximately 3.4% of BYTE’s paid-up share capital and voting rights.

The submission of the above written request to HCMC is made in accordance with the relevant express provision of paragraph 1.5.1 of the Information Memorandum of the VTO dated 04/08/2022, as approved by the HCMC in accordance with the VTO, the tax provided for in Article 9 of Law 2579/1998, which currently amounts to 0.20% and is calculated on the transaction value, will be deducted from the consideration payable to the shareholders.

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