08. 08. 2022 | Investors' News, Announcements

Loan Agreement under a bond loan facility

Ideal Holdings S.A. (the “Company”) announces the signing of a loan agreement for the issuance of a secured common bond loan (according to the provisions of laws 4548/2018 and 3156/2003) for an amount up to € 33.3 m with Eurobank S.A. as Underwriter, Initial Mandated Lead Arranger, Paying Agent, and Initial Bondholder. The proceeds of the Bond Loan aiming to finance the Tender Offer for the acquisition of the total number of the shares of BYTE SA upon the fulfillment of the conditions of the Tender Offer. The bond loan will have a 4-year tenor and the Company has the right for prepayment without any penalty.

This announcement is issued pursuant to Regulation (EU) 596/2014 article 17 par.1.  

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