IDEAL Electronics

Distribution of High-Tech Products and Services


IDEAL Electronics is one of Greece's largest and most experienced technology distribution providers for more than 3 decades in the Distribution of high-tech products and services, which offer the most efficient cutting-edge solutions to the most demanding customers.


Technology Products Distribution Providers

IDEAL Electronics has long-term reliable and established partnerships with the world’s leading technology manufacturers, providing its reseller network with a wide range of high-tech and cyber security products and services.

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Cooperation with Leading Brands

Its cooperation with leading brands such as Dynabook, Toshiba,  Fortinet, Alcatel–Lucent Enterprise, Forcepoint, Tufin, Kaspersky, Proofpoint, Barracuda, Storagecraft, Quantum, Panda, Allot, Atlinks, makes it the most reliable partner and the most trusted distributor of innovative solutions and equipment in the market of network security, data protection and secure storage, information systems, telecommunications and telephony. Its services include consulting, implementation, training and technical support.

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