05. 11. 2022 | i-DOCS, News

i-DOCS: Upgrade of eurobank's CCM platform to version 9


i-DOCS successfully completed the project of upgrading the i-DOCS Customer Communication Management software to the current version 9, at Eurobank Greece, with the excellent cooperation of the teams of both Organizations. i-DOCS 9, which is used – among other things – for the development, electronic archiving and sending of Statements, Letters & Confirmations, will give Eurobank a more efficient production operation in the increased need to manage the volume of forms and their electronic distribution to its wide clientele.

The most important of the benefits of i-DOCS version 9 for Eurobank are,

  • the redesign in terms of the introduction of flows for the improvement, import and analysis of primary data,
  • the redesign of the task tracker that provides a better visualization of the tasks performed,
  • the new state-of-the-art identity and access management system integrated into the new i-DOCS version,
  • improved application and software security created, developed, tested and implemented based on Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) instructions as well as,
  • the improved security in terms of Interconnection with external systems of the Bank.

With this upgrade, Eurobank ensures a modernsafe and efficient infrastructure, while at the same time looking forward to the further development of new functions, in order to continue the implementation of its strategy in terms of its Digital transformation.

"We are pleased to have completed another successful project lasting many months, in a large and multifaceted Organization such as Eurobank, which will have benefits both for the Bank itself – in order to cover the increased management needs – and for its customers, always guided by maximum security. We are particularly pleased that as i-DOCS, we are contributing to the Digital transformation of an Organization the size of Eurobank", said Mr. Konstantinos Pretenteris, General Manager of i-DOCS.

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