05. 04. 2023 | News, i-DOCS, Topics of Interest

i-DOCS: Financial & Technological Growth during 2022

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i-DOCS, IDEAL Holdings Software Development activity, continued its growth in 2022 as a result of the Management’s Strategic Plan and restructure, both on the organizational and operational level while also on the Commercial part. The year closed with a further 16% increase in turnover (comparing to 2021) along with a respective increase in profitability.

The company successfully completed 69 major projects for customers operating in Greece and 7 other countries, mainly in the Southeastern and Western Europe regions. Once again, i-DOCS was selected by large Organizations in the Banking, Telecommunications, Energy and other industries, as one of their key Digital Transformation partners. The team was further strengthened by adding more skillful resources in Technical, Commercial and Marketing departments accordingly, following the strategy that is in process for the decade 2020-2030.

The company continued expanding its cloud-based solutions provided to customers as SaaS, which now hold a 22% (comparing to 78% on-prem) of the total i-DOCS installed base. The company’s strategy which is fully aligned with its customers’ strategic plans, will result to a further increase in the SaaS part of all i-DOCS solutions, in the following years.

With regards to certifications, during 2022, i-DOCS has been certified with ISO 9001:2015, for the implementation of Quality Management System following its ISO 27001:2013 certification, back in 2021. It should be noted that two more ISO Certifications are expected, within 2023.

i-DOCS CCM Software solutions ecosystem, include i-DOCS Output Management, i-DOCS PostmatiX e-mail dispatcher, i-DOCS SegmatiX Campaign management and i-DOCS Smart Bill and contain innovative features, comparing to i-DOCS global competitors’ solutions, such as implementation on multiple nodes (clusters) for task parallelization, the use of proprietary technology for centralized Data & Metadata repository, the documents’ versioning so that these can be recovered in the exact same state as when they were initially generated, the advanced Data Analytics solutions integration and so on.

Furthermore, the benefits of i-DOCS Solutions include personalized communication with customers, massive document volumes handling, integration with various Digital channels and Organization applications such as CRM, Billing, BRM, BPM and Databases of any kind, application of all i-DOCS solutions in multiple business sectors and huge environmental and energy protection contribution, while reducing the Organizations’ Operational costs. As a result of the above, more than 270 million PDFs were produced through our customers’ i-DOCS platforms within 2022, saving 33,000 trees for paper production.

Considering its customers trust and evolution, i-DOCS team is already developing a new Software solution and an innovative mobile app aiming to further to exposure the i-DOCS brand in other Technological and Business areas, locally and internationally.


“It is such a pleasure, during our 20-year celebration, to observe that the major changes we introduced 2,5 years ago with regards to our Organization’s strategy, have brought the expected quantitative and qualitative results. Furthermore, the fact that our solutions significantly contribute to the Digital Transformation of large Enterprises that have been using our solutions for two decades, while contributing to the Environmental protection, empowers us to continue evolving our existing solutions and create new ones, always in the same direction and fully aligned with our customers Business strategy”, stated Mr. Constantinos Pretenteris, i-DOCS General Manager.

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