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How to reduce the humidity in your home

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Explore easy ways to reduce humidity levels in your home

Humidity is something that we are all faced with in our homes and in fact few know what to do about it.

Humidity in the house is a very important issue. Excessive moisture can bring about the development of mold, attract pests, cause liquefaction and make air in homes harmful to breathing. In other cases it can dry the skin, make the heating less effective and make it difficult for the heat to stay in the house in winter.

So we will look at the issue of excessive humidity as it has a more detrimental effect on the "fabric" of houses. So what are the ways to reduce humidity and what changes should you make to the way your home is organized?

Use dehumidifiers to regulate the humidity rate in your home

If the air in your home has a high humidity rate it is a good idea to place dehumidifiers in specific places in your home. These devices absorb humid air and use cooling systems to condense moisture on windows, ceilings and walls.
In general you will need a dehumidifier if the humidity rate of your home is more than 60%. Laying one on each floor is sufficient.

Ensure proper ventilation and use indoor plants to enhance the atmosphere

Rooms such as bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens must be properly ventilated to effectively remove moist air. This is especially true for bathrooms which usually have exhaust fans on the walls. Make sure these fans are working properly and are turned on for at least 30 minutes after each bath or shower.

Indoor plants can also help to remove excess moisture from the interiors. How is this done? The leaves of plants such as Peace Lillies have enough surface area to absorb water from the air, which they use in breathing. The addition of a few plants will have a noticeable effect on your interiors.

Learn how to turn your kitchen into a moisture-free zone

Kitchens are one of the most vulnerable rooms in the house to excess moisture. Luckily there are some smart solutions that you can all implement.

It is extremely important that the kitchens include an effective exhaust unit (extractor hood) to remove steam and odors from cooking. Faber offers a variety of state-of-the-art hoods with Steam Off System technologies, which prevents the creation of moisture in the space in your kitchen, and Zero Drip that evaporates water vapor thanks to the specially heated glass of the extractor hood.

Ventilating the area by opening the windows on hotter days and using the lids on the pots while boiling can also limit humidity levels. In any case, a cleaner and drier air can surround the interior of your home with some easy interventions.

FABER is the inventor of the kitchen hood!
The story of Faber, and with it the history of the kitchen hood, began a long time ago in a small artisanal workshop. Several years have passed since then. Decades in fact during which it has focused on improving the design, functionality and build quality of hoods, which made it one of the most important industries in global technology. Faber was the first company to set up hoods and still holds a dominant position in the sector.

IDEAL ELECTRONICS SA is the official distributor of FABER products in Greece.

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