12. 21. 2020 | IDEAL ELECTRONICS, News

Fortinet Fast Track Training Labs: Online εκπαιδεύσεις

Ideal Electronics Fortinet Fast Track Training Labs Online

In the context of supporting its reseller network, IDEAL Technology (B2B Added Value Distribution) in collaboration with FORTINET, carries out a series of free online trainings entitled: "Fortinet Fast Track Training Labs".

Through its online training programs, IDEAL Technology offers its partners the opportunity not only to learn everything about the new technological trends and the cutting-edge products they promote in the market, but also to be trained in their promotion, presenting the most appropriate ways of implementing the solutions.

Fortinet's Fast Track Training Labs are conducted once a month in Greek by the specialized technical team of IDEAL Technology and consist of short and comprehensive workshops, covering the most important topics in the field of cybersecurity in combination with the presentation of Fortinet's solutions in real use cases.

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