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ADACOM and Scytáles together for the Digital Vaccination Certificate via mobile phone

Adacom Digital Certificate Skytales

ADACOM S.A., a Trust Service Provider (QTSP) and Cybersecurity Solutions and Scytáles AB, announce the expansion of their cooperation in the field of the Green Digital Vaccination Certificate in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans. Scytáles recently announced the product "Green Pass – Mobile Vaccination Passport and Validation Service", which is based on an International Reading Standard (ISO / IEC 18013-5) ready and available to serve governments and millions of citizens.

Scytáles is a leader in the new standard technology ISO 18013-5 mobile ID, and Derived Mobile ID for complementary digital identification solutions using smart devices (EIDAS, NFC card signing) and real-time validation mechanisms, in on-line / off-line operation from "smart devices" and for travel documents as well as CSP (Credentials Service Manager) solutions.

ADACOM, as a Trust Service Provider, has developed a Mobile eID solution based on Public Key Infrastructure technology and approved electronic signatures and cooperates with Scytales in order to include in the Mobile eID solution digitized identification documents such as id, driver's license, insurance card, etc.

ADACOM for the digital vaccination certificate:

“Στην ADACOM είμαστε ενθουσιασμένοι για την προοπτική, μετά την σύναψη αυτής της συνεργασίας με την Scytáles, προκειμένου να διασφαλιστεί η ανάπτυξη μιας πιστοποιημένης, διαλειτουργικής και σύγχρονης τεχνολογίας που θα διευκολύνει τους πολίτες  να ταξιδεύουν και να μετακινούνται με ασφάλεια”, Πάνος Βασιλειάδης, Managing Director, ADACOM ΑΕ.

Skytales for the cooperation with ADACOM:

"There is no doubt that a vaccination passport based on an international standard, digitally and safely stored on our mobile phones, will allow us to continue traveling within the EU. The ISO standard and gdpr compliance ensure that information can be read and validated across borders. No other form, printed or any other, can do this without the risk of falsification and possible security gap (leakage of sensitive information)," Giannis Glykos, Country Manager Greece & Regional Manager Europe, Scytáles AB.

The three axes around which this solution will work are:

Privacy & Anonymization:

a. respect for the rules of the GDPR but also the implementation of even greater restrictions if necessary, in order to fully protect personal data and information

b. the provision of safely only the absolutely necessary information by citizens to the respective institutional or private control mechanism and the retention of this information for the minimum possible time to be checked vaccinated, negative test, immunoprotected due to illness from Covid19 in a previous year


a. the absolute need to have the possibility of use by all Member States and by all the world, is something that can only be ensured by standardization of the World ISO Organization and in our case the implementation of ISO-18013-5.

b. all parties, E.E.-P.O.Y.-U.S.A. they are already in consultation, since it is absolutely logical that in order for American citizens to move to the EU and vice versa, there must be certified recognition of vaccination, testing, antibodies.

Offline Mode:

The ability to carry out the control effectively in an environment where there will be no connection to the internet or elsewhere, something that completely protects personal data and information itself. In other words, one device (reader) should be able at a local level to confirm the information given by the other device (user) with its own will.

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