Customer Communications Management (CCM) Software

i-DOCS is a leading provider in the specialised market of Enterprise Output Management. It offers products and services designed for financial institutions, telecom operators, public utilities, insurance, courier companies and other companies handling communications characterised by large volumes of sensitive data. i-DOCS was established in 2003 and has offices in Greece and the United Kingdom.

Our clients are large organisations that are located in more than 8 countries and operate in the wider region of Southeastern Europe and the United Kingdom. In collaboration with our clients, we are advancing the power of mandatory, personalised communication. This leading output management product integrates with banking, billing, CRM, and ERP information systems to extract and convert data, generate documents and store them efficiently in databases. From statements and contracts to invoices, bills and receipts, our documents have a common feature: all of them are able to satisfy the desires of even the most demanding marketing departments. Documents can be exported in batches ready for mass printing, with guide markers for printing and folder-inserter machines, thus facilitating paper communication via post. Our products have however been developed to pave the way for digital distribution channels by offering personalised, on-demand documents and instant secure communication across multiple channels.

Our platform operates as a reference system for the documents it produces. Its role is not limited to feeding or serving electronic banking systems or customer service portals. Our innovative solutions manage end-user interaction, securely deliver electronic documents, send updates and alerts, help maintain a customer base through interactive customer service and stabilise cash flow by facilitating the payment process.

Since no customer has the same requirements, the same systems, or the same goals, i-DOCS offers professional services and software development services so that we can customise, integrate, and fully automate every process we handle. Our products and services are provided both for in-house installations and cloud servers using the software as a service (SaaS) model. We work with our clients’ architects to come up with the most appropriate design that is compatible with digital transformation plans, increases flexibility and operational performance, saves costs and supports emerging business models.

Behind every great personalised communication, there is a team that has designed and brought it to life. There are invisible systems that cooperate seamlessly to provide and distribute data. We are excited to be part of this. Acting with integrity and driven by our commitment to customers, our mission is to unleash the potential of every communication.