IDEAL Technology, one of the largest and most experienced technology distribution companies in Greece, has been the main and most important business component of IDEAL Holdings for more than three decades.

IDEAL Technology has been distributing Toshiba award-winning innovative products in the Greek market since 1985, and since 2019, when they were renamed Dynabook following the merger between Sharp and Toshiba PC, the Company continues its active presence in the laptop market with new models that incorporate the latest technology and design, while also offering excellent quality and reliability. At the same time, its partnership with Toshiba Storage also continues, supplying the market with storage solutions used by leading IT companies and electronic devices for the general public.

IDEAL Technology also has a strong presence in the highly competitive sectors of network security, data protection and secure storage, information systems, telecommunications and telephony. Its cooperation with leading brands such as Fortinet, Alcatel – Lucent Enterprise, Forcepoint, Tufin, Kaspersky, Barracuda, Storagecraft, Quantum, Panda, Eset, Allot, Atlinks, makes it the most reliable partner and the most trusted distributor of innovative solutions and equipment on the market.

IDEAL Technology also has well-established, trusted partnerships with leading manufacturers in their respective sectors, and provides its network of resellers with a range of high-tech products and services, thus enabling them to meet everything from the simplest requirements to the highest specifications by offering the most efficient cutting-edge solutions. At the same time, by constantly evaluating new suppliers, grouping different products to create integrated solutions, and encouraging and training resellers to develop expertise in their field, the Company acts as a catalyst for effective management of cyberthreats and other risks, helping businesses to remain secure, productive and equipped with advanced technologies.

As a Value Added Distributor, IDEAL Technology has an experienced and reliable sales team, which draws upon its deep understanding of the products to recommend, advise and help resellers choose the right solutions, adding extra value to the products and services offered. In addition, by placing a special emphasis on long-term partnerships and on the services and support provided to our network of resellers, pre-sale and post-sale, IDEAL Technology continues to earn the trust of its partners on a daily basis, constantly maintaining and upgrading its fully-equipped, authorised and certified technical department staffed by highly-trained personnel, and is thus able to offer high quality after sales services.