Human Resources

People are the primary and decisive driving force behind the development of IDEAL Holdings. In a competitive and constantly changing environment, IDEAL Holdings operates with a sense of responsibility and consistency towards its people. The main goal of IDEAL Holdings is to make use of the potential of its human resources, offering the tools and opportunities for development, continuing education and advancement. Our goal is for our people to feel safe, appreciated, respected and to have the flexibility to adjust their career paths, so that we always remain their first choice.

Teamwork & Collaboration

Continuing Education

Incentives & Rewards

Our people are an extension of our values

By developing our people and their talents, we also develop the entire IDEAL Holdings.

  • We invest in continuing education and training.
  • We provide work optimisation tools.
  • We upgrade our evaluation and reward systems.
  • We improve our benefits and incentive systems.
  • We promote teamwork and collaboration.
  • We encourage innovation, diversity and initiative.